RUNNERS WORLD har talked to JARED WARD, about his preparations for 2017 Boston Marathon. There are also a secuence about recovery and different preparations, after the interview with Jared Ward.

Jared Ward is not your typical elite athlete.

He’s got a lot of interests and does a pretty good job of blending his passions—case in point, he analyzed marathon pace times for his master’s thesis.

When he’s not out logging miles—or collecting rocks, another interest of his—he’s teaching statistics at Brigham Young University.

Last February, he came in third at the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in Los Angeles behind Galen Rupp, who won, and Meb Keflezighi.

And at the Summer Games in Rio, he ran a PR of 2:11:30, and placed sixth.

Jared’s now in the homestretch of training for his Boston Marathon debut. He spoke with Runner’s World contributing editor Scott Douglas from his university office about the trials, the Olympics, and Boston—and the thing he might just love best of all: data.

1. Jared Ward is a statistician, numbers geek, and and one of the best marathon runners in the world. After a year of stellar performances, he discusses how he plans to make the most out of his race at the 2017 Boston Marathon (with a little help from the data that he so loves). (Timepoint 2:26 of the interview)
2. RUNNERS WORLD spend time in a place where runners take their post-workout recovery very seriously, and we reveal how you can maximize your own rehab at home. (Timepoint 29:04 of the interview)
3. In the Kick, some good samaritans help near a half-marathon finish line, 211 laps on the indoor oval, crushing a world record in a suit, and better pre-bed sleep habits. (Timepoint 48:42 of the interview)

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Source: Runners World