Adidas are begin producing shoes using 3D printers. Now comes the news that it will happen already next year. But there will even be produced a small number this year.
The sport giant will start mass production of shoes using 3D printers already next year, according to several international media. The reason for doing this is that it will provide sports equipment giant opportunity to react quickly to a changing fashions and giving the customer the ability to tailor their products to a greater extent than today.


Gerd Manz, chief of technological innovation at adidas, said there is a partnership now with entrepreneur Carbon from Sillicon Valley that has made it possible to produce such insoles in a way that allows them to compete with the work of specialists. And how technology has made it cheaper.
– This is a milestone. Not only for us but for the whole industry. We have not violated any limits, he said.

adidas gives today the possibility that one can design their own shoes, but with the 3D printer in place it will be possible to print smaller production runs, “limited edition” and the sole itself adjusted according to customer’s height and physique.


adidas aims to sell 5,000 pairs of its new shoes, Future Craft 4D, (see head photo) , this year.

Next year, when Carbon’s technology in earnest in place, the company expects to sell 100,000 copies.

Last year sold adidas a hundred shoes with 3D printed sole to 333 dollars, just under 3,000 Norwegian kroner. But the shoes were heavy and unpleasant, and they only lasted for about ten hours before they were broken. With Carbon’s technology, the company expects that they are about to succeed.