Norway got it’s first GOLD medal in men’s running ever at IAAF World Championship in London , 9th of August 2017. A historical day for norwegian athletics this day. KARSTEN WARHOLM (21y), was one of the potensial medalists, special seen by norwegian eyes.

KARSTEN WARHOLM lead the race from start to the finish at “400 m hurdles men” in London this afternoon. Gold to Warholm, Norway and Ulsteinvik, a small place in Norway with got a indoor athletics arena first in 2015.


Until 1,5 year ago, Warholm was a Decathlon athlete. He is World Champion for Youths at Decathlon. Last year at the European Championship 2016 some of his competitors laugh of his technical drills before the race.

After the race they was quiet, when Warholm beat them in the final and become European Champion after only a half year of specializing at 400m hurdles, together with his new coach, Leif Olav Alnes (NOR), in this periode. Alnes is a coach with background from coaching sprint running.



Warholm and Alnes has been woking very hard the last year, with the World Championship in London as their first big goal. Warholm is usual training only one time a day, at the most this session is for 7 hours ! Including his favorite game to spin a bottle of water up in air and get the bottle to land on its buttom (left photo under).


Warholm loves to compete about everything. This is probably his strongest positive site as an athlete. He don’t care who’s next to him when he is on the track. He is the one who start the race with the highest speed, with 13 steps between the hurdles until the two last then he has to use 15 steps at this moment of his career.

To day this was more than good enough to win with 48.35 which was 14/100 sec infront of Yasmani Copello (TUR), time 48.49, which has shown that he is at his best shape in this Championship. 3rd place went to the perhaps biggest favorite before the race, Kerron Clement (USA) with the time 48.55. The conditions was not the best with 15°C, lots of rain and windy.