Isaac Makwala (BOT) presented this Wednesday, an image that will be remembered from this controversial World Championship of Athletics in London 2017.

After the 48 hours that the medical services of the IAAF quarantined him because of an outbreak of norovirus, that the athlete had for two days, this unfortunately prevented him to witness the final of 400m from the hotel.  Makwala had to fulfill his time of waiting, and to “run in the day” the day the qualifying of 200m was, as a solorace the same morning as the evening final of the 200m was.

Makwala did his soloracerace in the rain, where he managed to make the time 20.20 all alone! After crossing the finish line he demonstrate his physical fitness, and under the outbreak of the public, he began to do push-ups on the track.

Now “everyone” in Botswana is doing this, and put photos out on Twitter of their activity: