He writes his training plans himself and trains only six hours a week. Despite this, Michael Pohl has succeeded in exactly fulfilling the World Indoor Standard over 60 meters with a time of 6.63 seconds. In Birmingham, the 28-year-old could meet the new Sprint star Christian Coleman (USA) on his debut in the DLV dress.


He calls himself “the fastest amateur runner” in Germany. Michael Pohl (Sprintteam Wetzlar) is now leading this hobby to the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham (Great Britain, 1 to 4 March). For Pohl, it will be the premiere in the DLV dress at the advanced age of 28 years. “This is what you dream of as a child“, rejoiced Michael Pohl after the successful Birmingham qualification.

Exactly the required indoor world championship standard of 6.63 seconds at 60m sprint, he had brought in the indoor DM in Dortmund on the track and became only two hundredths behind the German record player Julian Reus (LAC Erfurt top team) silver. Already in the lead (6.68 sec) and in the semifinals (6.66 sec) Pohl had improved his home and Hessen record of 6.69 seconds. Three strong races within a few hours.

Only vague memories of the indoor DM final

Michael Pohl had very vague memories of the race to Birmingham right after the DM final: “All I remember is that Julian was in front, but within reach. That made me wonder. Then I threw myself in and did not even know which place I took. ” It was supposed to be silver, like at the 2017 DM in Erfurt over 100 meters. There he had improved to 10.26 seconds and prevailed against allegedly stronger competition.

The jump to the German top is all the more amazing, because Michael Pohl has managed this with extremely little training.

Four times a week 90 minutes. Always on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, “said the aspiring indoor World Cup starter. For comparison: Other top sprinters come to the triple, maybe even four times training time per week.

Student, employee, autodidact

That’s not for Michael Pohl. The 28-year-old is studying business administration in Frankfurt and works 20 hours a week at a consulting firm.

By the way, Michael Pohl himself writes his training plans. “If they are, I will talk to my father Robert and the country coach Sprint David Corell,” explains Pohl, explaining his training design. Success proves him right.

The DM-second is not only an autodidact, but also a late starter. His first results appear in the 2011 Hessian leaderboard. At the age of 22, 10.71 seconds were stopped for him over 100 meters. At this age some sprinter career is over, Michaels Pohl just started. Apart from 2015, there was always an increase up to the 10.26 seconds from the DM Final 2017.

Enjoy and gain experience

Now the debut is on the international stage. The sprinter knows that he will not play a major role in the World Indoor Championships. Enjoy and gather experience are in the foreground for the 28-year-old. “I will do my best in any case,” Michael Pohl looked to Hall DM silver on the difficult task in Birmingham.

In any case, he impressively demonstrated in Dortmund that he can handle the pressure at championships. And maybe Germany’s “fastest amateur runner” at the World Indoor Championships even annoy one or the other established Sprinter?